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SWFL boaters are working together to clean plastic pollution

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It’s not just algae creating a mess in Florida waterways, plastic pollution is problematic as well. Boaters say they need your help which is why the American Sailing Association launched a new initiative called “Operation Plastic Pollution Purge.”

Chet Shubert has been sailing for nearly 10 years and says it is not uncommon to run into plastic out on the water.

“What we need to do as boaters is if we see something laying on the ground is just to pick it up and you know, pitch in,” Shubert said.

Especially with the holiday weekend right around the corner.

“We just have more people out on the water it’s just more of an opportunity for trash to enter and given the amount of boaters we have here,” Shubert said.

Boaters like Bob McKane agree.

“Yes we’ve seen pieces of plastic, we’ve bumped into it a couple of times even got our boat prop wrapped around plastic,” said McKane.

Something that hurts the eyes and the environment.

“I’m very sensitive to that,” McKane said. “I’ve done SCUBA diving with manatees and other mammals and it’s just not good for them.”

And there are simple ways to help.

“Have a trash bag on board, it provides a place for you to pick up trash out on the water, put it in, and dispose of it properly on shore,” said Shubert.

The American Sailing Association will be kicking off the initiative on July 2nd. You can read more here.

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